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Since the beginning of the 20th century, established in the middle of the little village Ehnen, the family of winegrowers continues a philosophy of first class quality and service. Following grape varieties are cultivated: Elbling, Rivaner, Auxerrois, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir and Saint Laurent. The sparkling wine (Crémant de Luxembourg) makes part of the inhouse production.

Estate – history – four generations
At the family estate the succession of generations always took place from father to son. At present, the third generation teams up with the fourth. At the beginning of the 20th century the family KOHLL-THESEN launched a mixed farming business cultivating the vineyards of the region. The son, Gust KOHLL-LINDEN, is specialising in winegrowing activities and since the 1950’s the family sells bottled wines. In the 1970’s Raymond and Marie-Cécile KOHLL-LEUCK are taking over the winegrowing estate and expand it considerably. Since 2011, their son Luc KOHLL and their son-in-law Claude SCHEUREN represent the next generation of company management. Luc has made his professional degree (Weinbautechniker) in Bad-Kreuznach (Germany). As a qualified wine-grower he is responsible for winemaking and he takes care of the vineyards. As a career changer, Claude joined the company in 2006 after having visited evening courses in wine-growing. As a former computer programmer, he takes care of management and sales.

Estate – site of production
Over the 42 km, that the Moselle travels from Schengen to Wasserbillig, it has sculpted a hilly landscape, cut out of conchylaceous limestone, representing an ideal place for viticulture. Ideally oriented towards Southeast to Southwest, the vineyards benefit from temperate climatic conditions. The village of Ehnen, of historical and cultural significance, is situated in the canton of Grevenmacher. By walking through its narrow streets you can see among the typical winegrower-houses the only circular church of Luxemburg. Don’t forget to visit the museum of viticulture on the route du Vin. For over a hundred years the residence of the estate can be found at the address 4, op der Borreg in Ehnen. After different transformations over the time, the structures have been adapted to the needs of wine-production. In 2017 the estate opens its wine-lounge.

Philosophy – vineyards
The cultivation of grapes demands a lot of attention, because high quality wines have its seeds in the vinyards. In harmony with nature the family estate practises integrated winegrowing. In order to break unwanted side-effects of monoculture we favor the diversity of the vineyard flora by seeding special crops. In addition to this we use compost as organic fertilizer. The regulation of the futur harvest begins early in the year with the first cut of the vines. Early vintage of green gapes or division of the grapes just after they have been in flower are other methods to regulate the outcome, but they are function of the crop year. Good wines are the result of good grapes. That is why we gather all the quality grape varieties by hand. Only undamaged and mature grapes show elegant wines with aromatic complexity.

Philosophy – wine cellar
After having harvested high-class grapes, no effort has to be spared to preserve that quality. One has to avoid oxydation and attrition of the grapes during all the manufacturing processes. The fermenting of the must is taking place in thermoregulated steel or wooden casks. In order to increase aromatic complexity we are working with barrels of small volume permitting a seperate treatment for each partition of a wine. The red wines are aging for 12 months in barriques (oak wooden barrels) before being bottled.

Philosophy – wines
We take care in producing fresh wines with high aromatic complexity. The most important is, that the wines are balanced and harmonical in taste. The terroir (minerality) and the typical aromatic of the grape variety (fruit) have to be distinguished by the taster.

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